[ Guide du débutant ]

Écran de sélection du personnage , il y a quatres emplacements.

Personnalisation du personnage.

Comment naviguer à travers l'interface ?

Comment ajouter des stats ? Peut-on les réinitialiser ?

Qu'est-ce que l'inventaire ? Quel est ce contenu ?

Modifier les compétences.

Comment créer/rejoindre un groupe ? L'interface du groupe.

Paramètres graphiques.

Comment planer ?

1. Niveau 5 Minimum .
2. Doit être utilisé au point culminant du saut.
3. Sauter encore une fois permet de prolonger la durée du vol. ( 2 sauts maximum)
4. Il est recommandé de changer le raccourci du vol plané par une touche plus facilement accessible comme X au lieu de Ctrl +5.
5. Possibilité d'arrêter immédiatement le saut à l'aide du raccourci clavier du vol plané, ou appuyez simplement sur saut de nouveau (un peu plus long) 6. Toutes les classes peuvent planer , la vitesse de descente est d'environ ~ 200 % de vitesse de déplacement.

Autopotion ? Interface dans la coin supérieur gauche

Divinités Comment archiver / invocation archivées

1 . Vous ne pouvez pas renvoyer votre divinité principale.

2 . Votre Divinité ne doit pas être sur une mission de récolte.

3 . Votre Divinité ne doit pas être pas au combat ni invoquée.

4 . Il doit y avoir un emplacement vide dans l'un des trois emplacements de divinités actives.

Comment changer la taille de l'interface utilisateur ? C'est tellement énorme .

1. Appuyez d'abord sur Echap

2.Aller dans les paramètres

3.Cliquer sur l'onglet interface

Comment afficher un aperçu des costumes ?

Ctrl + Clic

Quelles sont les options de groupe avec un clic droit ( pas en tant qu'ami, débloqué , pas dans un groupe ) ?

[ Comment ajouter des amis , bloquer manuellement d'autres joueurs , et effectuer diverses fonctions sociales .]

Comment envoyer un courrier?

1. Appuyez sur P ou sur l'icône de lettre en haut à droite.

2. Il y a un petite taxe pour les transferts d'argent.
3. Un seul objet par envoi.
4. Le courrier expire après 30 jours pour les objets invendus à l'hotel des ventes ou 10 jours pour les courriers classiques.

Comment faire un lien vers un objet? Alt clic gauche sur l'objet depuis votre inventaire. Clic gauche sur le lien de l'objet dans le chat pour voir les stats.

Comment fonctionne le système de banque ?

Comment rejoindre une guilde ?

1. Etre niveau 10 minumum
2. Le bouton en bas à gauche permet de créer une guilde, requiert d'être niveau 10 et 10 pièces d'or.
3. Appuyer sur G pour ouvrir l'interface de guilde.

How to craft items 1. Minimum character level 40
2. Find a weapon or armor recipe from the dungeons corresponding to the level of the weapon/armor or purchase it from other players, or get them from reward chests; then learn it, all characters on your account share the same learned blueprints/recipes
3. Find the materials needed to craft a core via dungeons via reward drops/chests or purchase them from other players
4. Purchase the formula for the items needed to make the core
5. Craft those items needed to make the core
6. Purchase a core of your choice that matches up with the level of your armor/weapon and desired proc effects
7. Craft the core or purchase it from other players
8. Find the green weapon/armor piece that matches up with the level of your armor/weapon blueprint/recipe
9. Craft your weapon/armor piece
9. Use the core

How to swim 1. Hope in the water
2. Enjoy; no, there is no diving mechanic

How to do the level 20/35/45 stone quests, with 2 party members only. 1. One party member stays inside
2. The other one cancels the quest and re-enters with another stone

Where do I summon deities (orange-looking monsters)?

How to use your class party uff. 1. Be around level 39~42 as your primary weapon wielder
2. It's the last skill on your skill chain
3. Press M, find the NPC with the purple icon that is most remote from all other purple icons
4. Scroll to page 2/3 and press K, note the [ ] bracketed item needed, match up the chinese characters
5. Use it and consume the item at your will

How to fish? 1. Be level 40
2. Have bait + a rod, buy from a NPC near a fishing area
3. Cast the rod, wait for a pull
4. Keep the bar in the green zone by hold clicking the fish and releasing when necessary
5. Catch the fish, eat it for EXP or sell it to a NPC for money or use it in recipes

What does this yellow orb skill do? How about this blue-looking person falling down one?

Is this game Play-2-Win (PvE)? No. You can literally craft all items from all materials within the game. You can get scrolls that upgrade your skill modifiers from daily quests. You can use loyalty tickets to buy chance bags to get deities that are hard to get. You can use gold to buy up costumes from the market that are earned from quests. You can do quests to get 1/3 of all quest costumes offered to a specific gender. You can do dungeon/instances to get costumes too. You can get formulas, recipes and everything from the market or within reward chests. Getting fortification scrolls is just manual labour/using gold. There is no success or fail, as failing counts towards your next +. If anything, spending money via the in-game mall just guarantees you faster gold by selling costumes/utility items and gives you the convenience of foregoing much of this labour, but by no means is it extraordinarily difficult to get the best of the best gears... Just time and energy.

Are looks modified by costumes exclusively? Yes. You are in your undies and/or bra if you take it off (body armor). The visibility of all other items can be modified however.

Can you change your sub-weapon or secondary weapon class? Yes, with 4500 loyalty tickets earned via random objectives (usually completing quests will indirectly finish these off.) or spending real money for in-game currency..

What stat is the best to add for each class? It depends. Some classes are naturally better at certain stats already, therefore adding more would be a necessary attribute for strengthing that's classes strengths. On the other hand, other classes who mainly support might not need certain stats. Generally, damage and defense are used. However, critical strike/evasion rate and various other stats are usually added too. Although I see more pure-builds than hybrid, but I'm no expert as I've only played 2-3 of the classes up to level ~50.

What's the best deity/eudamon? I have no clue. But one that complements your playstyle/class would be a start. See here. Usually though, you will end up with better deities than your primary chosen deity as they have a higher grade in certain stats, and the differential is hard to beat unless you can farm up 250+ stat crystals from pet gifts. Therefore it might not be all too important to having to think of the best choice for a primary deity.

What's the level cap? About 65 for the content. 75 at the ceiling. Used to be 99. EXP requirements seems to be squared early, but quadratic later on. There is quite a bit of grinding from 49-50, 55-60 and so on forth. Usually, you end up farming dungeons by then (5-player party/nightmare)... Above level 65, your level is viewed as ??. Level 1-50 can be completed in about 24 hours of back-to-back gameplay without substantial dungeoning.

Is there mana in this game? No. Only skill cooldowns.

How important is gear early on? Not that important. You level quite quickly, and you won't have to imbue magic stones to upgrade your equipment with additional effects or need to have to craft orange/yellow weapons/armor for proc effects/stats above those from green items found in the treasure/reward chests of bosses. By 50, 55, 60+, it's advisable to start fortifying stuff, crafting stuff as things start to get slow here. Although you can still level once every 1-3 hours depending on your efficiency (50-55) with 3-8%< a dungeon in 4-9 minutes if you run with high-levels.

What does solving captchas do?
You have 2 tries to get bonus 10% XP for 10 minutes. I'm not sure what the consequences for failing it are....

What are some of the privileges that you can give to guild members as a guild master? - Promote members up to one rank below themselves
- Demote members below their rank
- Recruit members
- Kick Members
- Change Guild Notice
- Post on Message Board
- Edit/Delete their own posts and others

What they are not able to do - Disband the guild
- Change recruitment message
- Change guild logo
- Delete or edit the guildmaster"s posts
- Edit other guilds" members posts
- Change the guild ranks" names

Is there durability in this game? There is. Only for weapons though. You lose durability upon death (2-6 points out of 100). The weapon can be repaired for a nominal fee and its maximum durability won't drop.

What is this secondary weapon feature like, how does it happen? Your secondary weapons' skills have longer delays, are weaker than your primary skills, and its effects aren't as prolonged (e.g. healing skills). You basically go through the main storyline at level 40 and you will get a box that tells you to choose your secondary weapon with the video previews of the skills of each respective class. The recommended ones are the ones that list 4 special skills you get from Hero's Path (Talent Skill Tree?).

Some recommended paths that would be complimentary would be as follows...
Harp + Tome
Knight + Harp
Knight + Axe
Staff + Tome

Common Quest Objectives : Talk to NPC X
Kill X monster
Weaken X monster and capture it
Stay afar and use an item on X without attacking it
Defeat X and capture it
Use an item to transform it into something else
Defeat X to get Y item
Use Y item to craft something using the given recipe
Go to X location or targets
Craft X items
Catch X fish
Complete X dungeon
Defeat X boss
Pick up Y item from X object
Free Captured X targets
Complete X quest

Do special dungeon quests (usually auto-entering with cutscenes)
- Masquerading as X target
- Assassinate targets
- Use given skills to defeat robots
- Avoid X targets for a period of time
- Disable X targets
- Lead an army behind a barricade accordingly
- Move with the target and protect him or her
- Find an odd monster and kill it
- Gather a series of items from multiple objects

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